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PENN. Extension Recommends Annual Rye as One Cover Crop Option

No-till is no longer enough to conserve soil and produce good yields. Experts at the Pennsylvania No-till Day held Jan. 31 in West Middlesex, Pa., say it takes the combination of no-till and cover crops.

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Here are excerpts:

Charlie White, a member of the crop management extension team for Penn State University, also spoke at the meeting, about making the most of cover crops.

He said a farmer must first decide what the needs are in the fields.Does he need to alleviate soil compaction, improve the soil structure, improve nitrogen fixation or nitrogen retention?

He suggested farmers mix different species with complementary growth periods and different architecture. Some suggestions he gave were radishes and turnips with the Austrian winter pea. He also suggested annual rye grass with a crimson clover or a blend of sorghum, sudangrass, soybeans and red clover.