“Another option that may give more long-term benefit to pastures is adding no-till annual ryegrass to make a better long-term supplement for fescue.”

High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

“A succulent, rapid-growing plant, annual ryegrass is emerging as a tool no-till farmers can use to break pest cycles, including soybean cyst nematode, build soil organic matter, break fragipan and hold nutrients.”

AgriNews - Indiana

“No-till corn after six years of annual ryegrass yielded 230 bu. per acre; no-till corn after two years of annual ryegrass cover yielded 115 bu. per acre; and no-till corn without a cover crop yielded 65 bu. per acre.”

Apply Magazine

“Annual ryegrass is very effective in uptaking and accumulating nitrogen into biomass from dairy or swine manure application in the early fall.”

AgriNews - Illinois

“If you are looking for a way to reduce nitrogen costs and reduce fall tillage, consider planting a winter cover crop like annual ryegrass.”

Lima News - Ohio