Annual Ryegrass and other Cover Crops – New Tips on Termination

Admittedly, this is late for the 2017 burndown season. And yet, it’s important to share while it’s topical…managing cover crops is a “growing” interest and we’ll keep an eye on posting an update early next year.

Mike Plumer is the key driver for this article, published a couple months ago by No-Till Farmer magazine. It was taken largely from a seminar Mike did at the National No-Till Conference in St. Louis, earlier in the year. Check out the whole article. It has great tips about managing burndown when the cover crop includes annual ryegrass in a “cocktail mix”. It also looks at the issue of annual ryegrass varieties, and how important it is to know the source of the seed. Different varieties emerge from winter dormancy, for example, which provides problems when trying to kill it in a timely fashion.

ARG burndown

Finally, Mike’s discussion covers the subject of killing annual ryegrass once it has reached the “joint” stage or beyond, when control with generic glyphosate will not be enough. Click here to see the entire article.