Killing Annual Ryegrass – Part 2

Annual ryegrass is a vigorous plant. Planted last summer or fall, the roots can be established to more than 5 feet into the soil. So, even if there’s only 6 – 8 inches of top growth, treat annual ryegrass as a mature plant. Successful control of annual ryegrass with glyphosate or other herbicides depends on:

  • Using full herbicide rates
  • Spraying during favorable weather conditions
  • Using good spraying practices.

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Controlling annual ryegrass in the spring is best done:

  • In warm weather
  • When the ryegrass is actively growing.

Annual ryegrass can be a challenge to control if the herbicide is applied when:

  • There is cool, cloudy and wet weather, or
  • When the ryegrass has reached the joint growth stage (stem elongation).

Timing – Control (burndown) of the annual ryegrass cover crop:

  • Is most successful when the plant is small, 4-8” in height
  • Annual ryegrass is more difficult to control after the first node has developed
  • Burndown occurs before the middle of April