Remembering 9/11 Through Two Lenses

The loss of life from the attack on the US by commercial jets flown by Saudi nationals still haunts those alive in 2001.

Given the constant drumbeat of new disasters – catastrophic storms, a pandemic disease, raging drought-fueled forest fires, political unrest, a never-ending election cycle, and increased violence in the streets – it’s hard to remember back to when there was peace, growing prosperity and hope living together under one roof called America.

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On this day of remembrance, perhaps it’s worth considering two things: one, how easy is it to find consensus in your family? And, two, what can each of us do to live closer to the promises of our Bill of Rights, the US Constitution, and the lessons of the New Testament? If we can see our way to being kind and just in our families, it becomes possible to do the same thing in our community, and the circle slowly expands from there. It begins with a deep desire for peace, not revenge.

As growers, as farming communities, it is perhaps easier to see how important patience and adopting a long view of things is. And, like we’re learning with use of cover crops, we can be a partner to nature in a way that benefits us and others. It’s a win-win, when you think that planting in concert with nature benefits the soil, the crop yield and your profits.

So, on this day of solemnity about the losses due to terrorism, consider ways in which we can each contribute to peace by starting with ourselves…taking a long look and seeing what can be planted today to reap a better harvest tomorrow.