Cover Crops Promoted in Film Documentaries

When Hollywood and TV legend Woody Harrelson decides to spend his time and money promoting cover crops and other conservation methods, it’s a sure bet that America is embracing the idea of nurturing the soil from which our food comes.

The 2020 film Kiss the Earth was released last year and is available for streaming on Netflix and Vimeo. One of the “stars” in the film is Ray Archuleta, a career Conservation Agronomist with NRCS

Here’s a link to the movie’s websiite:

Kiss the Ground Film | Official Website

Another documentary called Living Soil, with host Jerry Hatfield, goes into more detail about the components of healthy soil. Hatfield, director of the USDA’s National Lab for Agriculture and the Environment, is free to view on YouTube.

And, here’s another one, Dirt, very educational and entertaining, that looks at the importance of fertile soil….and the way we can keep it from becoming barren. In order to watch this, you have to sign up…but watching it is free.

And, given that the Oregon Ryegrass Commission has produced a series of videos about how to grow cover crops successfully, you can click here to see the details.